We won a delicious award!

We are very proud to announce that we have won the produce section of the South Australian Delicious Awards! Disbelief and delight are the two words which come to mind when reflecting on when we got the email from Lucy Read more…

By chris, ago
Farmers Markets

12 Months On

Chris and I have been listening to a podcast called Permaculture Voices for a couple of years now. On on of the episodes there was a great quote which went something like “you’ll overestimate what you can achieve in a Read more…

By ella, ago

On oyster mushroom bags

Now that we’ve been mushroom farmers for a whole three months I thought I would do a post about bags for growing oyster mushrooms and what we’ve learned so far. When we started we bought a whole stack of filter Read more…

By ella, ago

Little Bunyip HQ

Well here we are on a spectacular 40 acres in beautiful Watervale, South Australia. There’s a house, a shed, a mud brick studio, a dam, a bore and an abundance of space to DO stuff on. Everything is in need Read more…

By ella, ago