Wattleseed orchard &
self-contained studio accommodation

Nestled in South Australia's Clare Valley, Little Bunyip Farm combines a native Australian wattleseed orchard and self-contained studio bnb accommodation.

Wattles are a perennial, drought tolerant tree species that produce a prolific quantity of delicious and nutritious seed.

Wattleseed is harvested from selected Australian acacia trees. The seed grows in leguminous pods which are green when young and become dry and brown as the seed reaches maturity. The pods gradually split apart exposing the small, black seeds inside. Cleaned seed is roasted before eating.

(Australian for acacia trees!)

Acacia Pycnantha

Rich, Distinctive Flavour

Wattleseed is truly delicious! Nutty, chocolatey, coffee, dark roast, earthy – wattleseed has a distinctively rich and warming flavour. Sweet or savoury, wattleseed turns ordinary meals into something special.

Acacia Logifolia

Highly Nutritious

Wattleseed is rich in dietary fibre and essential fatty acids, a source of micro-nutrients and high in protein – up to 30% of its weight. Due to it’s protein content it is very satisfying and it also has a low glycemic index.

Acacia Pycnantha

A Roasted Drink

Roasted and ground wattleseed can be used as a tasty, caffeine-free coffee alternative. Try it with a generous splash of pouring cream for a breakfast drink that will keep you going till morning tea!

Acacia Pycnantha

Native Australian Food

Wattleseed has been enjoyed and managed as a crop by Indigenous Australians for many, many thousands of years. It a resilient crop with the capacity to help restore degraded landscapes.

When you buy wattleseed from us you are directly supporting a family owned and operated business using regenerative farming methods to create a thriving ecological landscape.